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Web Development Course


We provide the most job oriented and case studies based training for Web Development, here students may develop his portfolio of working while taking a course, we as an IT company provides our authentication for that work.

Web development training provides a hands-on experience that tells how to code the website along with frontend design, technologies used for web development are PHP, .NET, JAVA, Python, JavaScript (using frameworks of JS in MeanStack Development)

A student may also enroll for the Full Stack development course in web technologies if web designing and web development courses are done together, in the current market of web technologies a full-stack developer is highly in demand especially in the client-based organizations

What is Web Development?

  • As we all know that on the website there is frontend (the design) and backend which is the code running to provide the functionality to the website. Web development is the task associated with the backend coding of websites on hosting/server through the internet.

    We offer Web Development Training in Delhi, India using all technologies leading in the market, best institutes which provide web development training with 100% placement by the placement support till the success.

    The development process includes some parts of web designing, web content development, and coding. It ranges from developing a simple static plain page to complex web-based applications, electronic businesses, and social network services. Web development may use CMS(Content Management Systems) to make changes in content easier and available with basic technical skills. There are three types of web developers like the front end, back end, full-stack developer. 


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • Typescript
  • ONE CODING PLATFORM- (PHP | JAVA | Python | JavaScript, etc.)
  • One Content management system (WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, etc.)


It allows web developers to test and debug their code, to work with a variety of web technologies which includes HTML, CSS, Javascript and other components handled by web browsers. The various web developing tools are listed below:-

SUBLIME TEXT- A well designed, efficient,ultra-speedy interface. The secret to sublime’s success lies in the program’s vast array of keyboard shortcuts including the ability to perform simultaneous editing as well as quick navigation to files, symbols, and lines.

CODEKIT- By using this tool, web development can be done faster as it minimizes the code and reduces

ONE CODING PLATFORM- You must have good command on least one coding platform

USE OF FRAMEWORK- A software or web framework designed to support the development of web applications using web services and resources. It provides a standard way to build and deploy web applications on the worldwide web. the size of files combines scripts and reduces HTTP requests. It is also used for optimizing images.

BACKBONE JS- Allows developers to develop one-page applications make the code simpler, systematic and organized. It acts as a backbone for any project. Manages the data model which includes user’s data and displays it on the server-side.

WEB STORM- It provides smart code assistance to javascript and efficiently works with large projects. Includes built-in tools for debugging, testing and tracing client-side code. It is customizable suitable for different coding styles.

CODE PEN- It is a faster and smoother web developer tool. It allows to build, deploy websites and build test cases. It has impressive features to write CSS faster and allows live viewing and synchronization.


A web developer is responsible for the coding, designing, the layout of a website according to a company’s specifications. The role also includes user experience and function, a certain level of both graphic designing and computer programming is necessary.


HTML- It is basic of coding and markup language.HTML forms every web page on the internet and website functioning depends on it.

CSS- It interprets the documents written in a markup language. They are a more stylized presentation of HTML language. It lays bricks for the website’s fonts, colors and overall layout.

JAVA SCRIPT- It is a high-level programming language and makes the website more interactive and functional. With the help of java, one can write special features on-site directly which includes search bars, social media share buttons, and videos.

ONE CODING PLATFORM- You must have good command on least one coding platform

USE OF FRAMEWORK- A software or web framework designed to support the development of web applications using web services and resources. It provides a standard way to build and deploy web applications on the worldwide web.

CMS- It is a free content management system. It is used for editing and modifying web pages, add plugins and run tests for bugs. WordPress is the most popular cms in the world.

USE OF TERNARY OPERATORS- It is used when we need to simplify the statements that are used for assigning values to variables. Moreover, it is commonly used when post data is assigned or to validate forms.


FRONT END DEVELOPER- The programmer that codes front end of a website. Its job is to convert website design files into raw HTML, Javascript or CSS code. This includes website design, images, contents, navigation, and internal links.

FULL STACK DEVELOPER- The one who works with both front and back ends of a website which means that they tackle projects which involve databases and building user-facing websites.

SOFTWARE DEVELOPER- They create the foundations for operative systems on which computer programmers work and they design, write, test code for new systems and software to ensure efficiency.

BACK END DEVELOPER- It is a type of programmer who creates a logical back end core of a website. A developer creates components and features which are indirectly accessed by a user through a front end application or system.

SENIOR WEB DEVELOPER- The one who identifies user and system requirements for new websites. Prioritize software development projects set timelines, assigns a task to team members and creates wireframes to decide on a layout.


  • More mobile traffic
  • Lower maintenance needs
  • Faster webpages
  • Lowers bouncer rates
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Improved SEO


It is a short term professional job oriented course. Huge job opportunities are available for the students who desire to work in this field and many private and public organizations hire web developers for their online work and web development.


45 Days , 90 Days , 6 Months(Industrial Training, Unlimited Learning | 100% placement), 9 Months(Diploma Course with Certification | 100% job experience)

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